New Official Site, Valerie 

Valerie lived in an old 2 story home with her Grandmother til the age of 3 and grew up in near Oklahoma Texas border where her Grandmother was born . She was always very sensitive as a child.  but didn’t discover her true Spiritual gifts until she was in her late 20’s. Family trials and tribulations helped awaken her incredible intuitive sense and visionary insight. She knew without  utilizing these special senses she wouldn’t be able to find the answers she desperately needed. Thank goodness for family support that allowed her the freedom to explore this area further.

Through these trials, she found her calling was in the Spiritual field of work. This was only the first part of her journey. Later she discovered that she couldn’t use her abilities to her full extent in this setting. She began searching for new ways to really explore and learn more, so she began reading various religious books. This was an eye opener for her and she started working on various sites to hone her talents.