Spiritual Guidance

Valerie wants you to be open to a better you, and trust in the Creator’s guidance. She offers support for relationships, career, relocation and family. She is here to give you a safe haven to allow your own personal self to come through. You may want answers to all your questions and she is set to deliver them. However, before you can ever achieve true happiness and success it’s important to know who you are. Choices and opportunities in life are all around you. Sometimes choices are reflective of how you envision yourself.

You may have preconceived notions about who you are.  This could because of a combination of things. Possibly things you’ve experienced growing up or how you’ve been described by other people.  How you feel about yourself now doesn’t define your future.  You may experience  life lessons, These are “stepping stones”, so you can finally find the real you. Sometimes we have to peel off the layers to get to the good stuff. Right?

Of course you are an individual and you may be content where you are. Hopefully reading this will at least ignite something within you. A spark maybe to move you forward, to make you think about that new job offer, meet people in a new setting or go out with that cute guy. Why wouldn’t he like you? Think about it. When looking back do you see a pattern? Did you choose the same men, same type of job or even the same friends? She is here to help you break the mold and achieve more by seeing where your blocks are and opportunities that await! “This is your chance to hop on the boat”.

One major factor in making choices is emotion and desire. Have you looked at your past desires and realized, the particular thing you wanted before, is not something you want anymore? Maybe you’ve have raised yourself to a higher vibration through prayer or through the “school of hard knocks”. Whatever the reason. This could be a sign to open up to something new and different. If you do encounter something new, even something divinely orchestrated you may not feel an initial desire right away. If that happens it could mean this is not the right direction for you or maybe it will take a little more time. No worries. Prayer on you’re marter usually brings about clarity.

Here is a little prayer exercise that works wonders. Imagine yourself being happy as deserving of it! Try to ask the Angels for a vision and see that new job, new love or whatever it is that you want. What does it feel like? There should be a refreshing feeling about what you imagine. Finally end in a prayer asking for God’s will and the good of all. This is enormously helpful if your making a choice that would possibly effect others.

Remember starting new and breaking out old molds isn’t easy but she is here to answer any questions you may have. She wants you to achieve your best self yet and truly start enjoying your life. It’s yours by the way!

Acts 10:2 King James – He saw in a vision evidently about the ninth hour of the day an angel of God coming in to him, and saying unto him, Cornelius.